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I enjoy sharing information about other strong providers that compliment my care. I feel strongly about providing links from our local mothers to get the best care possible for things they normally would not know about. 

Pelvic floor therapy is essential after giving birth. Our bodies can heal and thrive if we honor them and give them the tools to do so. Many women are not aware this sort of therapy exists and how much better their quality of life improves.  Here are some wonderful choices.

Pelvic Floor Therapy: Summerlin Pelvic Floor 702-331-1654

Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy: Alicia Cugliette 702-768-2906 

Chiropractic Care is another type of care strongly encouraged during and after pregnancy. A chiropractor trained in prenatal care and postpartum care can keep your body strong and limber during your pregnancy and birthing day. In addition to reported shorted labor times chiropractors can also allow for good positioning for the baby for labor. Some practitioners will specialize in Webster's technique for for optimal positioning including rectifying beech position in babies. Here are some my clients and myself love.

Dr Julie Quan: 702-858-8824

Dr Shadia Khoury: 702-567-5433

Dr Jon Wise: 702-248-6292

Dr Steve Lampe: 702-531-3338 

Doulas surround a labor with love and comfort. A good doula will never take the place of your partner, she will help meld you both and guide your partner on how to support you.


"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it."-Dr. John Kennell

Shannondoah Dartsch, Hypnobirthing Doula 702-326-0996

Amanda Strange: 702-326-0643

Rikki Jenkins: 702-508-8853

Cheryl Slader: 702-592-1396

Placenta encapsulation is a tried and true ancient technique. Many women report better milk supply, increased energy and feeling of calm. My clients have said this has been a game changer in their postpartum recovery. 

Shannondoah Dartsch, Hypnobirthing Doula (702)326-0996

Jodi Schober, Placenta Benefits, 702-326-9764

Child birth classes can empower you to have the tools you need and information to make more informed choices for you and your baby. It increases the bond you already have with your baby and prepares you emotionally and intellectually for pregnancy and labor. For perspective, I attended 2 classes with my most recent pregnancy and it was my third and I am a midwife. I loved them!

Hypnobirthing with Mandi Medford: 702-385-3331

Sacred Journey with Rikki Jenkins: 702-508-8853

The Journey with Jenny: 702-858-0375

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