Mother and families needs are better met in pregnancy and birth with amazing doulas.


Here is some information on the wonderful benefits of having one of these awesome women working with you:

Image by Kelly Sikkema

ericka delmore


The first thing that struck me when I met Ericka was how knowledgeable she was. Incredibly smart and driven to help mothers. She advocates for her mothers and supports them in all of their choices. She also teaches childbirth classes.

Shannondoah Dartsh

Hypnotherapist, massage therapist, and doula

I have personally worked with Shannondoah at numerous births. She is a rock star! I have seen her attend births for more then 48hrs with only few cat naps that we (Father and midwives) made her take. She is incredible with emotional support and truly has a nurturing person. A doula’s job can sometimes be to mother the mother. To be a sister and an ultimate supporter of anything and everything the mother desires in labor. Shannondoah does these things naturally. I am very happy to refer her to all mothers. Including mothers that want to have a hospital birth or those that truly risk out of home birth. She was able to advocate for the first family centered neceasarean (pun intended) at Summerlin Hospital. She help a mother find the courage and resources to leave her current physician who didn’t have her best interests at heart and find a doctor that was able to help her have dignity during the birth. I cannot really say enough things about what a pleasure it is to work with. My clients rave about her bodywork and her hypnomassages!