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A doula is an essential part of a birth team. They provide emotional and physical support to birthing families. Often they will meet with you several times during the pregnancy to get to know your family and plan birth support. Postpartum they will help support you in nursing and your emotional needs among their many talents. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Amanda strange 

Amanda is one of the kindest people I have been fortunate enough to meet in the birth community. She is very through and detail oriented. She is highly knowledgeable with birth information and always there for her clients. Incredibly compassionate and strong. 

Ashley Tran


Certified in Hypnobabies Ashley is able to be a hypno-doula for her clients.

rikki jenkins

Doula, birth instructor and Certified LC

Rikki teaches several classes and also works as a birth doula. She is very knowledgeable and my client recently told me she enjoyed her class with Rikki. 

Shannondoah Dartsh

Hypnotherapist, massage therapist, LC, and doula

I have personally worked with Shannondoah at numerous births. She is a rock star! I have seen her attend births and provide essential support and a calm presence. She truly is a nurturing person. A doula’s job can sometimes be to mother the mother. To be a sister and an ultimate supporter of anything and everything the mother desires in labor. Shannondoah does these things naturally. I am very happy to refer her to all mothers. Including mothers that choose to have a hospital birth or those risk out of home birth. My clients rave about her as a massage therapist and her hypnomassages!

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