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disposable diapers

I strongly suggest considering eco friendly chlorine free diapers if you are going the disposable route. There are harmful chemicals that can lead to cancer in the chlorine style. These are just as easy to use or dispose of as the regular bleached kind. Here are some options: Seventh Generation and Earths Best. You can click on the name to get more information.

Hybrid Diapers

When you want to do cloth, but need it to be a little more convenient. The G Diaper. Cloth outside and chlorine free biodegradable disposable inside!

other options

Elimination Communication. Sounds weird huh? Well I personally know mommas that have accomplished this with their babies. Diaper free baby:) Click here for more information on how to do this.

cloth diapers

Click here for the Top Ten Reasons to Cloth Diaper. I clothed my first and it was easier than I thought. I took her for a check up and a older nurse told me she hadn’t seen that kind since she clothed her own babies:)

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