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Before you make a decision like this its best to know all myths and facts. Go to:


Taking classes and reading plenty of research is just the beginning. Whether you choose to vaccinate completely, selectively or not at all being knowledgeable and informed is essential. Below are some books and websites that may help. Finding the choice that fits your family is completely unique. Although I do not necessarily agree with all the views listed in these websites and attached documents I am listing them all unbiasedly to allow you to make your own choice

Health Statistics of Southern Nevada

National Health Statistics

In our internet world of information overload, you will have to distinguish between what is known and what is plausible but still uncertain. To help you started in navigating this quagmire are two examples of user-friendly websites that do a good job of achieving critical yet open-minded evaluations of data:

This is the web home of the American Public Health Association. In addition to being an evidence based, highly interdisciplinary organization, the APHA advocates a wide range of research supported health policies including breastfeeding advocacy, increasing the availability midwife attended home births, and immunization safety research. Here is a link to a recent study on home births.

Another website with a balanced approach and regular updates as new information becomes available is the companion website to the influential book Our Stolen Future. Here you will find links to current endocrine disruption research an overview on persistent organic pollutants (POPs)

Exemption Letter for school, daycare, and other uses.

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