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Kathya Raebel, MW is a highly skilled midwife with Midwife Las Vegas serving Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding Southern Nevada area with homebirth & midwifery services. She also assists with patient coordination of maternity care for high risk hospital clients. 

She began her training in 2006 with Ancient Arts Midwifery, continued with an internship of a high volume birth practice, A Special Delivery, for 4 years under the tutelage of two knowledgeable midwives. She went on to mentor under several midwives before opening her own practice in 2010. As of writing this Kathya has attended over 700 births and counting.


Kathya fell in love with midwifery and when she attended her first birth this solidified her love for helping birthing mothers. She whispered "your strong like a warrior, but peaceful inside" a line from one of her favorite books and the mother smiled as Kathya helped her through a contraction. This moment cemented the passion she had in midwifery. 


Kathya maintains a current and up to date Neonatal Resuscitation and Medical Professional CPR Certification. She has extensive training in midwifery, and her education is ongoing. She has worked as an intern midwife at A Special Delivery midwifery practice September 2006 to March 2010. Kathya attended Advanced Arts Midwifery for various skills certifications in advanced techniques and continued Midwifery specialty. She has attended the Celebrating Physiological Birth conferences and Midwifery Today conferences as well where in addition to getting updates and more training in her midwifery career she also took various courses to complement her practice, Bengung wrapping, rebozo work, herbology and postpartum baths. 

Kathya Raebel, MW continues to attend Midwifery Today Conventions Bi-Annually to have the most up to date education. She also regularly attends Neonatal Resuscitation & Transitions Workshops. Kathya’s Midwifery also offers Bengunk Wrapping and Postpartum Healing Baths.


When Kathya is not catching babies she loves to spend time with her children learning to discover the world through their eyes, playing with her wonderful doggie Mamacita, her kitty Milo, and enjoying her wonderful children growing up. She loves yoga, bike riding, NPR’s Science Fridays and Splendid Table, experimenting in the kitchen and reading Tuesday's New York Times science edition. 

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