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The Birth of Forest

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

After giving birth to my daughter (Summer) in the hospital and learning so much about the normalcy of pregnancy and birth, I decided to have my son at home. Even though it was my profession I still took a refresher course on hypno-birthing and the Birthing From Within series. It was a really wonderful experience that my partner and I shared and he told me it helped him get ready for the birth at home. I had a healthy pregnancy and was under the care of my Preceptor and friend. The closeness of our relationship and the difference in being cared in the midwifery model of care made my birth year an amazing experience…

I had my tub set up weeks in advance

since my first labor progressed so fast and now in a more intimate and comfortable environment I felt it would progress even more rapidly. My labor started slowly at 9pm on March 16th, 2009. Within the hour it started to pick up so we contacted our birth team and my husband started to run around filling the tub, scrubbing everything he could, and trying to make sure I was well. I checked the baby’s heart rate and then got in my tub. My birth team arrived shortly after and my trip into labor land was going strong. I took trips to the bathroom to get out of the tub and to have some privacy to talk to Forest. He was the reason I endured this and my love and connection to him is

What made my labor bearable...

I whispered to him to bring it on and I was ready for what was to come. I opened myself to the idea that it was hard work and it would get harder before it ended with my beautiful boy in my arms. I moved in my tub and sang songs to Forest and my husband supported me with water, massage, and physical support that were what I needed the most. When things got more intense I no longer could leave my sanctuary, that was what my tub had become, and felt overwhelmed with what took over my body. My doula was wonderful and poured warm water on my back and feed me whatever I wanted. At one point at it’s hardest I thought I wouldn’t make it and my midwife held her hands on my chest and calmed me down. She listened to Forest on and off and I knew he was well.

My daughter, Summer, had woken up and would give me kisses in between contractions...

And I would smile at her to let her know I was ok. Finally once my bag was broken he came fast. After just

20 minutes of pushing he was in my arms in the tub. My sweet daughter was in awe of her baby brother. My husband had tears in his eyes and Summer was holding his hand while I came back to myself. I had my baby boy and was taking him all in. You feel when you have your first there is no way anything can top this, but then your heart expands and you learn a new love all over again. The labor was hard and fast he was born at 3:14am March 17th. I took a shower and when I got out I saw my daughter holding her brother on my bed. It felt so nice to hop into bed with them and have some cheesecake and champagne with my husband and birth team. It was worth every second of my labor to be there in that moment.

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