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10 Things Your Crying Baby Wants You To Know

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

I stumbled upon a great list from Belly Baby and thought I’d share. All babies cry, we know that. But why? There’s the obvious reasons, dirty diapers, hunger and tiredness. Sometimes it’s to feel safe, secure and just be in your arms. It’s not easy to always take a step back, stop stressing about the days tasks – and just be in the moment, soothing your baby. Maybe it can be a little easier next time when you take into account the 10 things your baby wants you to know when crying:


1. I’m not crying to manipulate you

2. You’re doing a really great job

3. I’m not old enough to self-soothe

4. I feel safer when I’m with you

5. I feel better in your arms

6. I know it’s hard, but when you’re calm, I’m more secure

7. It’s okay to call in backup

8. Please take care of yourself

9. This too shall pass

10. I love you, Mom (or Dad)

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